Philosophy/ Outlook

Our goal is to provide all households with Water Life Series.

Nature to the world, and love and health to people.

“Morita Mineral” that our technical adviser developed

We have provided about 90,000 households with Club Eco Water’s server water which is based on Morita Mineral since 2009 to this day. The path we have followed since 2009 was very precious for us and numerous numbers of excited feedback from customers brought us great confidence and experience.
Server water of Club Eco Water which includes “trace elements” and “energy” of eco-mineral contributes to security, beauty, health and abundant life of not only you but also all of your family members.
In addition, each product of Water Life Series that developed based on the ideas of Morita Mineral and health maintenance are well-evaluated and supported by many customers. From now on, we will also proceed with developing and spreading commercial products in the field of food, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, waste water treatment etc., which, we’re sure, leads to contributing to the global environment and resolving problems on environmental contamination and soil contamination. We are also convinced that Morita Mineral will “change the world” even a little someday.
We have such a bold view because we love Morita Mineral and are confident in its efficacy.
Based on the theme “Nature to the world, and love and health to people”, we will expand this circle like a grassroot movement with people who appreciate what’s good about Morita Mineral.

Satoshi Shimada, President

Our job is to tell customers the realization.

As the first step to establish an active business partnership with 10,000 people and build a 1,000,000 (million) regular-user market, we have built a regular-user market with about 30,000 households by spreading what’s good about “Water Life Series” through “words of mouth”.
By spreading “Water Life Series” nationwide “through word of mouth” utilizing each human relationship to build the market as well as realizing the actual strengths of “Water Life Series” as regular users by ourselves, we will continue to support business partners who can gain the compensation.
Based on the regular-user market with about 30,000 households we’d aimed at, we are moving into the second step in order to have more people understand deeper the ability and the power that “Water Life Series” has.
We will further promote to expand our business to an open market focused on “Potapota Club” and establish the system aiming at gaining 300,000 households or a million regular users of “Water Life Series” nationwide. Along with the goals, Club Eco Water will continue to provide with various limited services that are definitely appreciated by customers.
Moreover, we will move on from the nation to the world, and continue to provide health of the body, heart and beauty to our business partners who have built the market from the scratch and a million of regular users.

Every product concept has a meaning.

In pursuit of water that our cells thirst for

Water is the most basic substance for all living things. With regard to the water that our cells thirst for, we focus on three points that are “mineral balance”, “purification” and “disinfection”, and hope to have many people understand their necessities.


It is difficult to remove organic matters and impurities that are included in tap water and are too small to be recognized with a purifier for home use. It’s possible to remove them with a purifier using high-performance reverse osmosis membrane, but unfortunately, such purifier can remove substance that is good for your body such as minerals.
Our server water has an aggregating effect with oxygen catalyst and collects organic matters and impurities that are included in tap water and are too small to be recognized to make them bigger substances so that our server water can remove them with about 0.5 μm high-performance filter. What’s more, the best part is that substances that are good for your body such as minerals are smaller than about 0.5 μm, so they are not removed.


A test data from a third-party institution revealed that minerals have abilities to remove food poisoning bacteria and suppurative germs such as Salmonella and Shigella. The power of minerals is indispensable to serve safe and secured water.

Mineral Balance

Basically, we have to consume minerals (trace elements) from food, but modern people haven’t been able to take in enough quantity and quality of minerals.
Ordinary mineral water includes 4 elements of calcium, natrium, kalium and magnesium, but our product is balanced water.
In other words, we provide with well-balanced mineral water including not only 4 elements above but also more than 30 minerals.
We think that taking in Morita Mineral every day is essential to maintain health of your body.

Let us introduce Shigeyoshi Morita, a chief technical adviser of CULB ECO WATER Co., Ltd.

Shigeyoshi Morita

Morita has been fascinated by minerals and conducted his research on them for 40 years after he encountered such minerals which have “inhibiting power of germs” and “purifying power of water quality”.
Morita, from a farmer fully realized the status quo of “forced way of raising out-of-season crops and food contamination due to chemical substances” that have often been seen amid the change of farming methods, “thoughtless use of food additives” due to change of food distribution methods and people’s taste as well as “combined contamination of seas and rivers” and “destruction of global environment” due to discharge from factories and surfactants etc.
The philosophy he held up at that time was “Nature to the world, and love and health to people”.
For him, human being is a part of the earth and if thinking human being on a global scale, it is also one of microbes.
Microbes are vulnerable to chemical substances, which can cause “weakened immune system of human being”. Therefore, he has made efforts on research and development to resolve such problems through the power of minerals.
Then, he was mesmerized by a simple filtration system he’d seen in Korea.
He thought this system would remove hazardous substances such as chlorine and replenish trace elements so that it can contribute to health maintenance of the whole family by just adding “minerals” in household tap water.
During the same period, as if drawn to the destiny, he met a doctor who insisted importance of minerals to human body.
Morita focused on research and development on minerals for drinking gaining support from the doctors gathered there, which led to the fact that the mineral balance including trace elements contributed greatly to treatment of modern diseases.
His instinct was right!
However, it wasn’t really widespread. The chief technical adviser had a sense of crisis to human health.
That was the moment when he met by fate Mr. Kajimoto, the representative of CULB ECO WATER Co., Ltd.


For the representative, Kajimoto, that was also the period when he looked for a job which made the whole family members smile as his life work.
When Kajimoto visited a company of the chief technical adviser, Morita for the first time, he was moved by the “philosophy” that was put on the office’s wall.
It was “Nature to the world, and love and health to people” that was also “thoughts for life” of Morita who continued to follow it for more than 30 years, and it is, right now, “Company Philosophy” of Club Eco Water.
The chief technical advisor often says that health is the balance between “entrance” and “exit”.
If you take in something good from your mouth, you think you can make good body.
If you take in something bad from your mouth, you think something bad to your body is going to happen.
That is true of plants. Good thing grows at a place with good water.
Bugs don’t get close to or eat something that is turned out to be a poison.
But people eat something that even bugs don’t eat.
Also, the chief technical advisor, Morita doesn’t read books very much. He says it out because he doesn’t want preconception to cloud his vision.
He believes what he actually sees in his eyes even he makes a detour, and studies what is happening right now.
He really likes laboratory very much.
When he discovers something new, he shows his feeling on his face and looks very happy.
Right now, he focuses on agricultural education and conducts researches every day aiming at not only prohibiting “agricultural chemicals and “food additives” but also removing harmful substances with the power of minerals (=detoxifying) to improve immunity of human body.
He will continue to tell all of you “How importance are minerals?” and “Why minerals now?” even a little as the chief technical advisor of Club Eco Water and push forward with his research work.