Water Server & Life Essence

Living with minerals in my home

Law cost (25yen/ℓ)

Significantly lower cost than the average 100yen/ℓ (among other companies)!

Usually about 100yen/ℓ of cost generates including shipping of gallon bottles in other companies.
Club Eco Water successfully lowered the cost to about 25 yen/ℓ by the use of Life Essence.

To make yourself healthy from inside your body by replenishing minerals

In order to keep yourself healthy, you need to take in various kinds of well-balanced minerals.

About 30 kinds of minerals essential to human body are contained well-balanced.
You can obtain minerals that tend to be insufficient in the body.

Safe and secured, and versatile

Clean water and purified water that the power of water to sustain health.

It’s safe and secured water which passed the inspections of various public organizations.
It has limitless possibilities and can be used for drinking, cooking and feeding a baby. Since minerals are contained well-balanced, fermented mineral drink that is said to be hard to make at home can easily be made.

*The design for the room-temperature server/Life Essence is an image.
*Containers for servers and WLSs are all BPA-free.

The idea of making mineral water at home

  1. Adding Life Essence
    Life Essence is added to tap water.
    A cap (10mL) to 3~5L

    Minerals’ coagulation action increases the mineral component in the water as well as cleans water.

  2. Coagulation & filtration
    Impurities are removed with the filter.

    About 0.5μm of special ceramic filter removes coagulated impurities to create safe and secured water (The size of a protozoan pathogen, cryptosporidiosis is about 1μm).

  3. More filtration
    Residual chlorine and others are removed.

    Zeolite filter further removes residual chlorine and others. Now, purified, safe and well-balanced mineral water is ready!

Surprisingly purifying power~convenient and safe water~

Life Essence

Simply putting 10mL of Life Essence and 3~5L of tap water in a pitcher and filtering in the server can make mineral water. Residual chlorine and mold odor can be removed by coagulating with Life Essence, purifying with the Ceramic Filter and Zeolite Filter, removing harmful substances (hazardous heavy metal, organic matters and germs) and using antibacterial activated carbon

Surprising mineral balance

A slew of minerals (microelements) such as “trace elements” and “ultra-trace elements” are contained.

■Mineral components in tap water
Calcium, Natrium, Kalium, Magnesium
■Mineral components in Club Eco Water (excerpt)
Calcium, natrium, kalium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, aluminum, nickel, vanadium, silicon, phosphorus, chrome, titan, fluorine, cobalt, lithium, strontium, iodine, germanium and many other ultra-trace elements are included.

Safety of Club Eco Water

Club Eco Water is the safe and secured water server passing various professional inspections and analyses.

Strengths of Club Eco Water!

Currently, we see so many water servers. We’re going to thoroughly compare our server with that of competitors.

Comparison of Working Power
Club Eco Water
Simply put 10mL of Life Essence into 3~5L of tap water! You can make safe and secured water easily. You don’t need to carry a heavy object.
Other servers
One bottle weighs about 12kg! It is troublesome to replace regularly. You also need to pay attention to young children and elder people.
Comparison of necessary space
Club Eco Water
Eco Club Water doesn’t need bottles. Only thing you have to do is to replace the upper and lower filters once or twice year. So, you don’t worry about extra space.
Other servers
Bottles are large, so you may wonder where to put them. If bottles are placed here and there, you may feel uneasy, even if the room is clean.
Comparison of cost
Club Eco Water
Surprisingly good price!
About 25yen/ℓ
Other servers
About 100yen/ℓ
We cannot buy a lot even if water is tasty.

Liebig's Law

German scholar, Liebig stated that “minerals exist based on their mutual relationship in a body”. For example, if the amount of Kalium is insufficient compared to that of Kalium needed, the amount of other minerals is also adjusted to that of insufficient kalium. Living organisms have specific kinds and amounts of minerals necessary to live, and if only one of them lacks or is insufficient, even though other minerals are sufficient, body balance will get lost because of such “single” mineral. Minerals are very important and shouldn’t be neglected even if the amounts are ultra-small.

Low-cost mineral water at home! You can drink mineral water full of minerals at the low cost of 25yen/ℓ at home!
■Club Eco Water Room-Temperature Server
  • NEW Ceramic Filter
  • NEW Zeolite Filter (with the set casing)
  • Pitcher/Sponge/Faucet

Regular mail order price:32,300円(tax included)

Premium member price:31,800円(tax included)

Width: 320mm, Depth: 350mm, Height (Height of the purifier stand), 640mm (158mm), Weight: about 4kg, Upper tank: 6L, Lower tank: 10L

■Club Eco Water Mini Server
  • NEW Ceramic Filter
  • NEW Zeolite Filter (with the set casing), faucet
    *Pitcher and sponge are not included.

Regular mail order price:20,300円(tax included)

Premium member price:19,800円(tax included)

Width: 238mm, Depth: 308mm, Height (Height of the purifier stand), 462mm (130mm), Weight: about 2.5kg, Upper tank: 2L, Lower tank: 4L

■Automatic Water Server
  • Support plate/Pitcher
    *Replacement filter for AWS x 2/ AC adaptor

Regular mail order price:46,300円(tax included)

Premium member price:45,800円(tax included)

Width: 190mm, Depth: 475mm, Height: 374mm, Weight: about 3.5kg, Tank vol: 6L, Power: Needed/, AC adaptor cord, about 1.5m

NEWセラミックフィルター■Replacement filter for AWS (2 in 1 set)
*Please replace the filter every time 500L of water passes
Regular mail order price:2,100円(tax included)
Premium member price:1,600円(tax included)
NEWゼオライトフィルター(セット枠無し)■NEW Ceramic Filter
Regular mail order price:2,100円(tax included)
Premium member price:1,600円(tax included)
What is NEW Ceramic Filter?
About 50% - 60% of all are high quality activated carbon.
Water coming in from the upper-part and side spills down the side of inside the filter to the part of activated carbon. The activated carbon removes chlorine and odor in water and lets the water down to the lower part.
*NEW Ceramic Filter should be replaced every 10 -12 months, although the time for replacement varies according to the status of use.
NEWゼオライトフィルターセット枠■NEW Zeolite Filter

Body only

Regular mail order price:7,000円(tax included)
Premium member price:6,500円(tax included)

Set casing only

Regular mail order price:1,000円(tax included)
Premium member price:500円(tax included)
What is Zeolite Filter?
Ceramic balls inside have three times as absorbable power as activated carbon has.
*NEW Zeolite Filter should be replaced every 12 months, although the time for replacement varies according to the status of use.